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Surf Festival



     Mallacoota was thrust into the international spotlight as coverage of the New Years Eve Bushfires captivated the world. While crews are close to finally dousing the final curls of smoke visible from our small township, we turn to the mammoth task of rebuilding our community - both physically and emotionally. Then came COVID.

     This year's Far Easter's theme is 'The Future.'  It had been decided upon during our last Festival in April of 2019 and in light of recent circumstances, there is no better fit for our observance this year. We look to the future - the future of our town, of our fragile emotional states, to the connections we forge with our community. We also look to the future of our country, our political leadership, our environment - our planet. 

What will the future hold for us? Can we hope to envision a world of understanding, of balance, and equality? Or are we talking Mad Max post-apocalyptic wastelands? 

We invite you to come to Mallacoota and envision our shared future over the Easter long weekend of April 2-3, 2021. 


Thank you to the East Gippsland Shire for funding our Festival!

Dude. Totally rad.

- Some Guy

Mallacoota, VIC

Australia, 3892

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